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Consumer Segmentation in Practice: An Ethnographic Account of Slippage

In Inside Marketing: Practices, Ideologies, Devices, edited by Detlev Zwick and Julien Cayla, 2011

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This chapter, a story of slippage in timelines and agendas, illuminates the inherent messiness, in essence the effervescence of humanity, embodied in consumer research and consumer segmentation.

Tags: Ethnography, Retail Anthropology, Segmentation, Shopping

Shopping at the Strand

Essay, 2010

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This short memoir of graduate school book shopping describes the organic process through which a brand comes to life in shopping. It provides lessons for retail design and branding.

Tags: Design Anthropology, Retail Ethnography, Semiotics, Shopping

Connections among People, Things, Images, and Ideas: La Habana to Pina and Back

Consumption, Markets and Culture, September 2005.

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This publication includes a video and print version of a photo essay of images taken in the fall of 2003. Through an analysis of the photographs, we tackle issues of representation, meaning creation and understanding — of marketplaces, consumption, brands, and culture.

Tags: Branding, Cuba, Semiotics, Shopping

The Anthropology of Shopping

Society for Applied Anthropology, Annual Meetings 2004

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"Good" shopping environments (brick and mortar, paper, or electronic) provide the cues, symbols, and well-crafted spaces that engage the cultural imagination. This paper takes examples from recent fieldwork in consumer anthropology to examine how retail myths can come to life.

Tags: Design, Design Anthropology, Retail Ethnography, Semiotics, Shopping