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Handbook of Anthropology in Business

June 2014

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The first major reference work on anthropology in business, includes chapters by more than 60 authors working in universities and corporate settings. The Handbook offers broad coverage of theory and practice and demonstrates the vibrant tensions and innovations that emerge at the intersections of anthropology and business and between corporate worlds and the lives of individual scholar-practitioners.

Tags: Branding, Business Anthropology, Consumer Research, Cultural Analysis, Design Anthropology, Ethnography

Researching Cultural Metaphors in Action: Metaphors of Computing Technology in Contemporary U.S. Life

Journal of Business Research 58(10), October 2005

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In this paper, prepared for a La Londe Seminar, we illustrate the utility of cultural metaphor as an analytic tool and theoretical construct in consumer research. We take as our prime example the ways that computer and internet metaphors have impacted U.S. consumers.

Tags: Computing Technology, Consumer Research, Cultural Metaphors, Semiotics

Psychology vs. Anthropology: Where is Culture in Marketplace Ethnography?

In Advertising Cultures, T. Malefyt and B. Moeran, eds. London: Berg, 2003

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Buy the book on Amazon > Part of an edited collection, this chapter outlines the meaning and heuristic value of using a cultural rather than a psychological analysis in ethnographic consumer research.

Tags: Advertising, Consumer Research, Ethnography

Communicating with Clients

In The collaboration of anthropologists and designers in the product development industry, S. Squires and B. Byrne, eds. Westport, CT: Greenwood. 2002

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This chapter focuses on the representation of anthropology in consumer research.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Business Language, Consumer Research, Ethnography, Strategy

Glancing Possibilities

Anthropology News, April, 2000

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This piece outlines the possibilities of conducting ethnographic, anthropologically informed analysis in short periods of time. Argued also is that in consumer and corporate contexts, fast-paced research is both a necessity and refraction of contemporary realities.

Tags: Applied Anthropology, Consumer Research, Ethnography