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The Cry for More Theory and The Cry of Practicality

In Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments, edited by Brigitte Jordan, 2013

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These chapters center on the dynamic tensions between theory and practicality in applied anthropological work, using case studies from our work to illuminate the ways that bringing theory into the work is a crucial aspect of the practical work that needs doing in consumer research.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Business Language, Corporate Anthropology, Cultural Analysis, Ethnography

Communicating with Clients

In The collaboration of anthropologists and designers in the product development industry, S. Squires and B. Byrne, eds. Westport, CT: Greenwood. 2002

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This chapter focuses on the representation of anthropology in consumer research.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Business Language, Consumer Research, Ethnography, Strategy

Speaking to Customers: The Anthropology of Communications

In Contemporary Marketing and Consumer Behavior, J. Sherry, Jr. editor. NY: Sage, 1995

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Buy the book on Amazon > This paper focuses on communications by utility companies to respond to customer concerns about EMFs in the 1980s in which the implicit (or presupposed) content of customers' words are explored. The paper suggests that all communications (advertising or otherwise) set up an expected frame or relationship with customers, a frame that is grounded by cultural symbols.

Tags: Business Language, Cultural Analysis, Electric Utilities, Monopolies