About Us

We are senior partners all dedicated to insight work with deep experience in a wide range of Consumer and B2B markets. We are both specialists and generalists with backgrounds in technology, marketing, medical anthropology, sociolinguistics, visual anthropology, popular culture, cultural geography and industry. We also regularly partner with our global network of filmmakers, editors, designers, web developers, and other area specialists. Since 2002, we have worked virtually “together” in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia.

“Practica bring the highest caliber skill set and broad academic knowledge, but they pair that depth with an ability to seamlessly bridge insights into opportunities for application. With Practica, we got more than just brilliant insights and storytelling; we got information we could use.”

— Future of Fish

Our Team

Ed Bovich, Ph.D.


Rita Denny, Ph.D.


Mike Donovan, Ph.D.


Charley Scull, Ph.D.


John Wendel, Ph.D.


Our Network

Judith Wright

Maria Rosenblum

Robert Moise

Elena Desentis

Patricia Sunderland

Summer Graham