Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research

Patricia Sunderland and Rita Denny

November 2007

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Tags: Business Anthropology, Cultural Analysis, Ethnography, Marketing

An essential guide to the theory and practice of conducting ethnographic research in consumer environments, drawing on decades of the authors’ own research—from coffee in Bangkok and boredom in New Zealand to computing in the United States.


“In this outstanding, eloquent, and comprehensive text, anthropologists Sunderland and Denny bring valid academic interpretation of the applications of anthropological methodologies to the practice of consumer research and marketing.”

— M. L. Hattari, California State University-Sacramento, CHOICE

“This is, in fact, a great book. Not just a good read, but one of those rare books that is sure to repay re-reading multiple times.”

— John McCreery, Anthropology Reviews Database

“Not only did I have my pre-conceptions blasted to pieces about exactly what anthropology was and how it related to product development, I left the book with a new view and appreciation for what anthropology actually is, and what enormously important implications it could bring to product development (b/c I dare say it isn’t usually this). Inspiring and crucial for anyone one who wants to make relevant things for people.”

— Megan Stanton, Amazon review