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Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research

November 2007

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An essential guide to the theory and practice of conducting ethnographic research in consumer environments, drawing on decades of the authors’ own research — from coffee in Bangkok and boredom in New Zealand to computing in the United States.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Cultural Analysis, Ethnography, Marketing

Handbook of Anthropology in Business

June 2014

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The first major reference work on anthropology in business, includes chapters by more than 60 authors working in universities and corporate settings. The Handbook offers broad coverage of theory and practice and demonstrates the vibrant tensions and innovations that emerge at the intersections of anthropology and business and between corporate worlds and the lives of individual scholar-practitioners.

Tags: Branding, Business Anthropology, Consumer Research, Cultural Analysis, Design Anthropology, Ethnography

The Cry for More Theory and The Cry of Practicality

In Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments, edited by Brigitte Jordan, 2013

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These chapters center on the dynamic tensions between theory and practicality in applied anthropological work, using case studies from our work to illuminate the ways that bringing theory into the work is a crucial aspect of the practical work that needs doing in consumer research.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Business Language, Corporate Anthropology, Cultural Analysis, Ethnography

When Ethnography REALLY WORKS

QRCA Views, Fall 2013

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When ethnography really works, it changes the frame of understanding; it upends rather than confirms thinking. In the upending, category wisdom is often challenged and the impossible becomes possible, creating a win for clients, consumers and researchers.

Tags: Business Anthropology, Ethnography, Gardens, Innovation, Museums, Strategy

QRCA Qualcast: Expanding the Parameters: When Ethnography Works

Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Tags: Anthropology, Cultural Analysis, Ethnography, Museums

Consumer Segmentation in Practice: An Ethnographic Account of Slippage

In Inside Marketing: Practices, Ideologies, Devices, edited by Detlev Zwick and Julien Cayla, 2011

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This chapter, a story of slippage in timelines and agendas, illuminates the inherent messiness, in essence the effervescence of humanity, embodied in consumer research and consumer segmentation.

Tags: Ethnography, Retail Anthropology, Segmentation, Shopping